Tutorial - Using the Upload Centre

Using the Upload Centre



Upload Centre is a powerful data file management system that allows you to upload data and telemetry files to your MyRaceLab account and automatically group them together in related sessions. 

Uploaded files can be used to add data to existing sessions in your career, or to create a new session.
The number of supported data file types is constantly increasing, and include:

  • GPS telemetry files
  • Log files from Android and iOS lap timing apps
  • ECU and Dash logs
  • GPS hardware timers

This powerful tool also allows you to import historical sessions to your MyRaceLab account and view them alongside sessions you record in future.  It also means you do not need to have the MyRaceLab app running on your phone when on the track.

The process and user interface is the same on web browser and mobile app. The most common method to use the Upload Centre is:

  1. Upload files
  2. Save the session

Step 1 - Upload Files 

Files can be uploaded from your phone using the MyRaceLab app, or from your computer using a web browser at https://app.myracelab.com/upload-centre

1. Log in to your account

2. Select a manufacturer or brand of the data files from the menu. 

Web Mobile


3. Select the device model from the dropdown list. 

Web  Mobile


4. Select Files then choose the data file from your phone or computer, then Upload Files.

Web  Mobile


5. The file will appear in the File Processing Status window.  

Web  Mobile

6. When upload and processing is complete the file will automatically move to the Session Assignment window ready for you to create a session, or add to an existing session. 

Any errors with the upload process will be displayed at this point.


Web Mobile




Web Mobile


Web Mobile



Step 2 - Save the Session

MyRaceLab examines the location and timestamp of the uploaded data and checks whether there is already a matching session at the same time and location as the uploaded data. 

1. If there is a matching session, you are prompted to either Assign the data to the matching session, or Create a session.

2. If there is no matching session you are prompted to Create a session.

Web Mobile


3. Creating new sessions will open a window to name the session, select a vehicle, track and track conditions. 

Web Mobile


4. Once saved, MyRaceLab servers will process the session and when processing is complete they will appear in the Career screen to view.

Web Mobile


Viewing the Session

When the session data processing and save is complete, the session will appear in the Career Screen (Hint: In the Career Screen slide down to refresh).