Tutorial - Importing Track Addict sessions

Importing Track Addict Sessions

Last Update: 30th November 2023



Track Addict is a mobile app lap timer that can save session GPS data and export to CSV format.  These CSV files can be imported in to MyRaceLab and used to analyse and compare your sessions from MyRaceLab and other sources.

This makes it possible to import all of your historical Track Addict sessions in to MyRaceLab.

MyRaceLab supports Track Addict CSV file Mode: 0.

Step 1 – Exporting from Track Addict

Using Track Addict on Android or iOS device, select the session you wish to import to MyRaceLab.

Select SHARE and choose E-Mail Data File (CSV / GPX / KML / VBO).

Then select the file format as Raw CSV (TrackAddict & RaceRender)

Track Addict will open an email client and you can email the CSV file(s) to yourself.

Repeat the process for all the sessions you want to export.

The purpose of emailing the CSV files is to get them stored locally on either your mobile or desktop device so they can be uploaded to your MyRaceLab account.


Step 2 – Importing to MyRaceLab

You can import the Track Addict CSV files to your MyRaceLab account using the Upload Centre on either the web or mobile app.

Refer to Upload Centre guide.

Viewing the Session

When the session data processing and save is complete, the session will appear in the Career Screen (Hint: In the Career Screen slide down to refresh).