Tutorial - Importing Dual SkyPro XGPS160 sessions

Importing Dual SkyPro XGPS160 sessions to MyRaceLab

Last update: 30th November 2023

You can also check out the how-to video for importing SkyPro XGPS160 logger sessions to MyRaceLab. 


Dual XGPS160 SkyPro GPS Receivers feature fast signal acquisition and 10Hz positioning updates.  In stand-alone mode the XGPS160 can store location data to internal memory, allowing drivers to record sessions on the XGPS160 without connecting the GPS to the MyRaceLab mobile app during the session. 

Stored logs are downloaded from the XGPS160 using the SkyPro GPS Status Tool app. (available free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store). The app allows you to set the GPS logging speed, turn on and off the automatic route recording feature, and to export the stored log file information.


Before logging the first session on the XGPS160 it is a good idea to set the GPS update speed to the fastest possible.  This ensures the recorded race lines are as accurate as possible.

  1. Download the GPS Status Tool App from Apple App Store OR Google Play Store
  2. Pair your mobile device to the XGPS160 via Bluetooth Settings then open the GPS Status Tool
  3. When connected, the Status page of the GPS Status Tool will show Device Status and other information.
  4. Tap the Setup icon then the value next to the Logging Interval option. Change this to 0.1s update rate (10 updates per second).

To record a session on the XGPS160, turn the device on then tap the on/off button three times to start recording. The Orange LOG indicator LED will light up.

Tap the on/off button three times to stop recording.


Step 1 - Downloading logs from XGPS160

Use the SkyPro GPS Status Tool app to download logs from the XGPS160 to your mobile device.

1.  Connect to the XGPS160 via Bluetooth.

2.  Open the GPS Status Tool app and select Trips.

3.  Tap the session log to download. The GPS Status Tool will start the download from the XGPS160 to your device.

4. When presented with the trip screen select Share (GPX). Save the file to your mobile device or send it to another device depending on the available options on your device operating system.

5.    Once the GPX file has been saved, you can save or delete the log from your XGPS160 using this menu if required.

Step 2 - Upload Files to MyRaceLab 

You can import the XGPS160 CSV files to your MyRaceLab account using the Upload Centre on either the web or mobile app.

Refer to Upload Centre guide.

Viewing the Session

When the session data processing and save is complete, the session will appear in the Career Screen (Hint: In the Career Screen slide down to refresh).