Tutorial - Connecting RaceBox Mini GPS

Connecting RaceBox Mini external GPS

Last update: 30th November 2023

You can also check out the how-to video for using MyRaceLab with RaceBox Mini.


Note: For instructions on using the RaceBox Mini-S with standalone recording, check out the tutorial here.

The RaceBox Mini Bluetooth® external GPS and GLONASS receiver provides improved accuracy and update rate than the standard 1Hz GPS built in to smart phones.  This will improve lap and sector timing accuracy as well as race line analytics.  The device should be positioned with full view of the sky (for example on dashboard or rear window).  

Refer to manufacturers Quick Start Guide for installation recommendations.

Pairing RaceBox Mini to your mobile device

Ensure that the RaceBox Mini is close to your mobile app device.

Open MyRaceLab app and sign in.

1. Open Settings > Bluetooth Devices and tap the '+' next to GPS Devices


2. Select RaceBox Mini from the list of GPS devices


3. MyRaceLab app will search for nearby RaceBox Mini devices.  When your RaceBox Mini appears in the list, tap the '+' to add


4.  MyRaceLab app will connect to the RaceBox Mini.  Slide the green selector to enable the pairing for future sessions.


Tap the left arrow to exit device setup.

To check that the RaceBox Mini is paired correctly, tap Record session. The Pre-Session checklist will list the RaceBox Mini device as connected and show a green tile.