Discover MyRaceLab


Your personalised racing feed showcases your latest insights, current activity, racing sessions and MyRaceLab news.

It’s the central hub of data to keep you and your team on track.

Dashboard screen

Keep up-to-date with all the latest information

  • Latest sessions from your career feed
  • Upcoming feature release previews
  • Tips and tricks for getting the most from MyRaceLab
  • New track updates
  • See your latest achievements


Consider this the engine room of your career progression, revving and ready to go. Seconds after completing a session, you and your team will have insights in your hand that can be actioned immediately.

It’s a core space to manage the series, events and sessions you drive in, explore key stats from historical sessions, and view lap times at a glance.

Career Screen

Drill down in to a session to view

  • Lap and sector timing information
  • Delta’s and PBs across your session
  • Comparisons against your PBs
  • Turn-by-turn analysis of your race line, time through the turn, vehicle performance analytics and entry/exit speeds for each turn
  • Choose in/out laps to exclude
  • View and edit Session Journals (checklists and notes)
  • Share the session with friends and followers on social media
  • Upload additional telemetry data for the session (eg GoPro GPS, ECU logs)
  • Focus area for recommendations


Your MyRaceLab garage is the ideal place to keep track of your vehicles and their performance. From cars and trucks to karts and bikes, you have the ability to upload photos, see potential upgrades and view performance stats for any of your vehicles. 

We’ll help you fine-tune your performance and provide areas for improvement to get you hitting PBs and setting records.

garage screen

Look back at your vehicle progression

By charting key stats, car upgrades, and racing achievements

When your vehicle finally helps you achieve that record breaking session, you've earned the right to brag. Share your winning sessions and vehicle stats on your personal social media feeds.


If you want to improve your performance, you’ve found the racing technology you’re searching for.

The more you utilise MyRaceLab, the more data it can analyse to help you score quick wins.

Insights screen

Finding data is the easy part

The way to level up your racing career is to take these complex, multi-faceted data sets and transform them into actionable insights. Our web and mobile apps handle all of this grunt work.

Make it personal

favourties screen


Your favorite motorsport moments are at your finger tips. Tag sessions, vehicles and events with ‘favorites’ to keep them close to hand in searches and comparisons.

settings screen


Your racing sidekick’s settings need to suit your preferences. From changing HP to kW, or miles to kilometres, there’s plenty of room to customise. You can also configure external sensors and GPS to make the most of your data.

Profile screen


Let other drivers know who you are with a bio, photo and key career stats. It’s a great way to compare your big wins (and highlight who’s the better driver among your friends!).

It’s the track-side solution to better quality racing

The MyRaceLab app helps you pinpoint areas where you and your vehicle can improve and excel. The web app digs even deeper, giving you advanced access to a suite of powerful metrics and analytics. Harness the power of elite motorsport analysis for your next practice sessions or race day.

mobile desktop

Web browser

The web app allows you to gain even greater visualisation of your performance throughout a session, helping you to develop a stronger sense of racing consistency. You can also take it to the next level by comparing it against your career-best laps.

Mobile app

MyRaceLab’s mobile app is your pocket pit crew. Taking this powerful tool track-side, you’ll be able to compare against another lap in the session, your lifetime PB or even the MyRaceLab track record.

Download your pocket pit crew and take your skills to the next level.

Start your engine, your next PB is waiting for you.