About us

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The starting line

Our team have always had a real passion for motorsport. In early 2021, they noticed there was a major gap in the market for motorsport drivers and teams; a tool that could turn valuable racing data into consumer-friendly insights.

As lovers of data, they wanted to empower drivers and give them access to racing tools previously used only by professionals.

The data available to most drivers is number-heavy, graph-centric and extremely technical, which makes racing insights inaccessible to those without an extensive background in professional racing or motorsport mechanics. The solution to this problem? MyRaceLab.

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Our world-class crew

Our team is small, but we have some serious horsepower. From our UX/UI designer to our development team, our in-house experts have spent years refining their skills to offer the next best thing in racing. They bring together a unique blend of passion for the sport and years of technical skill to create a unique and driver-focused performance tool.

Download your pocket pit crew and take your skills to the next level.

Start your engine, your next PB is waiting for you.